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But which to drink? Find out the differences between types of bottled waters and other drinking water. Then, learn which is best for you and your family. You've arrived at the source – Die oog van Boekenhout Kloof (Where eVati spring water is bottled)

Spring water is water that is harvested from a natural spring. Unlike many forms of bottled water that are filtered and treated to remove impurities, natural spring water is considered to contain a beneficial level of minerals and is normally bottled directly at the source. In recent years, spring water has become available in a number of different retail outlets.

Part of the attraction of spring water is that it is often water that has moved to the surface from some type of underground water source. As such, the water is considered to be free of contaminants as well as unspoiled by the use of modern filtration techniques. Many proponents of spring water note that the liquid has a naturally refreshing taste that cannot be replicated by other types of water.

Many people assume that spring water and mineral water are the same. This is not the case. While both types of water are harvested from the hydrosphere, mineral water tends to contain a higher level of elements that are known as Total Dissolved Solids or TDS. While some people consider these additional minerals to be beneficial, others think of the extra minerals as being too much of a good thing. For persons who prefer water that contains trace amounts of minerals without altering the natural taste of water, spring water is a much more attractive option

Once available only in health food stores, spring water is now found in a number of different retail outlets. Supermarkets often carry at least one brand of spring water, as do convenience stores and large discount retail chains. Even coffeehouses often will carry at least one brand of bottled spring water for consumers who wish to refrain from coffee and tea based beverages.

True spring water can get quite expensive, since it is a prized item; many people settle for lesser brands of water which are treated so that they mimic the properties spring water.

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All our eVati bottled water options contain pure spring water with TDS of 33 parts per million, and a PH of 7.7. There is no healthier option on the market.

Bottled water is an amazing business

From 1990 to 2005 the amount of bottled water that South Africans drank more than tripled to 7.5 billion gallons* and became the second most popular beverage in Africa. And why not? High quality natural spring water and drinking water offer a healthy, refreshing and great-tasting alternative to high-calorie soft drinks and ordinary tap water. Bottled water is convenient and able to meet the requirements of any lifestyle and hydration need. It's a fantastic product, with a strong sense of environmental awareness and corporate responsibility

Committed to the Enviroment

From efficient water usage to astounding packaging to support for environmental protection and, eVati works hard to protect our natural environment.

Source Management

It's good for business. More important, it's good for everyone. We're nurturing and protecting the sources of our natural, great-tasting spring water.